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Cru bourgeois Château Meric

Chateau Meric

Médoc Cru bourgeois

The Tradition, Modernity and Knowlege of Chateau MÉRIC-1868 characterises this terroir. A reference in the second edition of the Ferret guide « Cru Bourgeois du MÉDOC » 1868. Leading Chateau of Jau-Dignac-et-Loirac (33590), winegrowing commune in the MÉDOC. GRAND VIN DE BORDEAUX with quality control labels Appellation Contrôlée et Protégée AOC – AOP.

Meric 1868 millésime 2015
  1. Rich in fruit and full of finesse, the 1868 from Chateau Méric 2015 is considered by connoisseurs to be a GRAND MILLESIME (great vintage). The expression of the ripe fruit gives is an exceptional taste you will appreciate.

Cru bourgeois

This Grand Vin de Bordeaux holds the regional quality control label « appellation contrôlée et protégée ». You will be seduced by its delicate but generous taste.

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vigneron indépendant
aoc aop cru bourgeois
1868 caisse bois

Grand vin de Bordeaux

Originated from a vineyard perched on a « Médoc Croup » situated 14 metres above sea level. The geological study confirms that the Chateau Méric subsoil is on the same underground vein as Chateau Margaux.

1868Cru Bourgeois - Grand vin de Bordeaux

Château Méric
19, Route de Vensac - 33590 Jau-Dignac-et-Loirac
Tél. : + 33 (0)5 57 75 01 55

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